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let yoga be free

*free of bullshit

Yoga Teacher Training in Berlin

The freistil Yoga Teacher Training course is built upon following core value:

Let Yoga be free!


Free of dogma, free of antiquated attitudes, free of discrimination, free of limitations of brands and styles. Demystify Yoga, get to the essence of the teachings and update it with evidence-based science wherever possible.


There is no point blindly following what is written in ancient scripts which were written in a context of entirely different times. Of course, knowing the rich history and philosophy of yoga is an important corner stone in the fundament of every yoga teacher. To paraphrase Zen master: regarding philosophy especially, it would be a mistake to confuse the means with the goal.

There is no sense in following one fits all anatomy guidelines. There are a few general principles which are valid in most situations, but the importance of everyone’s individual anatomy can’t be emphasized enough. This is why our training puts a very strong emphasis and the physical aspects. Since the majority of classes, you will teach will involve movement, you’ll need to be 100% certain what you are doing. Our training will get you there.

By following these principles you’ll get the knowledge to make informed decisions and be on top of your yoga game and become an excellent teacher.

Upcoming Dates:

Due to Covid-19 we're postponing and hope to offer a teacher training again in the beginning of 2022.

our team


Eric Winkelmann

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Co-Teacher und Organisation

E-RYT  / YACEP (Yoga Alliance)
Continued Education Provider


Yogi Sivadas

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Lead Teacher

E-RYT (Yoga Alliance)
Founder of Kailash Tribal School


Alice Beauchemin


Experienced Yogini

Emotional support 


Our programme consists of 4 parts, which are subdivided into further categories amounting to 200h in total. All of these hours are classrooms hours. The hours spend on each category are in adherence with the core curriculum set by the Yoga Alliance. All of the available 15 elective hours are added to the Human Body Section, since that’s this trainings specialty.

  • Yoga humanities (30h): Yoga History, Philosophy, Ethics

  • Human body (30+15): Anatomy, Physiology, Biomechanics, Evidence based findings

  • Techniques, Training, Practice (75h): Asana, Pranayama and Meditation specific knowledge and practice

  • Professional essentials (50h): teaching skills, professional development, practicum

terms and conditions

Our Yoga Teacher Training operates on a strict refund and cancellation policy. If you have any questions relating to the policy or you feel your specific case hasn’t been covered by the policy, contact us and we will deal with your question on an individual basis.



  • Please note that due to Covid-19 and resulting restrictions we are postponing our Teacher Training until further notice and hope to be able to host another training in Summer 2021

  • Freistilyoga reserves the right to cancel the programme at any time due to an emergency situation or low enrolment. In this case, the applicant will receive 100% refund of payment.

  • Freistilyoga reserves the right to expel any student from the course  due to misbehaviour, failing to attend the programme or persistently attending late or for behaving disrespectfully  towards the teacher or fellow classmates. In that case, no refund will be given.



To join our teacher training, just follow these steps:


1. Download our application form, fill it in and send it to eric@freistilyoga.deenrollmentform


2. You'll receive an email to confirm your application. With this email you'll also get our bank details to pay the deposit in order to secure your spot. The deposit is 500€ (non refundable). After we received your payment you'll get another email, confirming your enrollment.  We accept payment via direct wire transfer, Paypal or directly through our website. Please note that in case of paying via PayPal a transaction fee will be added to the costs of the traini


3. The remaining amount of the price has to be transferred by the beginning of the training. The balance can be paid in cash upon arrival 

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