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reach your yoga goals

with personalized Yoga

private yoga 

Everyone’s anatomy and constitution are different. Structural and acquired differences make us unique: Not every hip joint is made to reach the lotus pose. Some will need to strengthen muscles that others will need to stretch. As life progresses, we all gather our dear ailments that need to be respected too. Private Yoga takes in to account all of these ‘Hardware’ requirements.

Just as our bodies are different, so are our personalities, our needs and goals. Our Yoga practice will differ greatly if a calmer mind, a spiritual connection or a movement skill is the primary goal. To truly make your practice individual all of these factors will be taken into account as well. 

  • Practice in the comfort of your home

  • In a 1to1 or 1to2 situation

  • Reach your goals quicker

  • A truly tailormade approach that respects your body and special requirements 

  • Learn how to adapt Yoga to your individual constitution


Let's do Yoga together

Drawing from my background as a physiotherapist and years of experience in teaching yoga classes, workshops and teacher trainings I am sure we'll find a practice that you'll love.


Studio prices

  • Taster  90 min       70 €

  • Single 90 min       90 €

  • 5     x 90 min     400 € 

  • 10   x 90 min     700 € 

Outstudio prices

  • Single  90 min     120 €

  • 5 x   90 min        550 € 

  • 10 x 90 min      1000 € 

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