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We all know it: one wrong movement, one day spend hunched in front of the laptop and there it is – back pain. Nearly everyone suffers from back pain in the course of their lives. The good news though, back pain can be prevented and managed. Learn how.


This is a 10 week straight forward course that will enable you to manage back pain yourself. In short you will learn how to activate and strengthen the muscles that protect your spine and use them in all kinds of different positions. Additionally you’ll get lots of theory and ideas about how to cooperate all of these preventative  techniques into your live. Spoiler alert: there is no magical pill you can take  to get rid of back pain once and for all. You have to work for it everyday.

For who:

This course is made for people who want to prevent back pain from happening again, who had back pain before. It is a preventive, not a curative course. This course is not suitable for people who have an acute diagnosed back injury like a slipped disc.


The course is eligible to be paid by German Krankenkasse

Course fee: 130€

Dates: starting on 6th of January, every Wednesday from 7-8pm until 10th of March




Due to the Covid-19 the starting dates of our preventive back courses has been postponed. 

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