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and go beyond

the mission

Live outside the box, go beyond of what you know, out of your comfort zone and grow. Into your true self, a better version of yourself, a more relaxed self, a stronger self, more accepting – whatever: you decide.

Let Yoga be free! Free of dogma, free of antiquated attitudes, free of discrimination, free of limitations of brands and styles. Demystify Yoga, get to the essence of the teachings and update it with evidence-based science

Knowledge will set you free. It’s not the easy way out, but a one worthwhile walking.

Walk your own way.

Eric Winkelmann
Yogalehrer, Physiotherapeut, Personal Trainer

To see pictures of my Yoga practice, check out my Instagram: 

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My path to Yoga:

As a teenager I started with Yoga to become fit and flexible (yes, I was a bit of a couch potato back then). During my studies in Berlin I also learned to appreciate the stress relieving and focus-enhancing effects of the practice. Hit by personal loss and followed by an episode of escapism, I turned to Yoga again in the search of meaning. In India I met my Teacher and now  longstanding friend Yogi Sivadas. The philosophy of Yoga was very inspiring and provided me with a sense of comfort and answers that I was seeking. Already having completed a teacher training in Germany, it was the time and training in India that really opened my eyes and helped me to find my own philosophy of life. An endeavor which is always ongoing of course 😉


I taught Yoga in England for a few years, became a personal trainer and then returned to Berlin in 2014 to set up Freistilyoga. Driven by my own high standards, I studied Physiotherapy to be 100% sure on the anatomy. Thus I can provide a wider and evidence-based expertise on movement, which goes beyond traditional Asanas.

Yoga Teacher since 2011
Personal Trainer since 2012

Running Technique instructor, MovNat Trainer Lvl 1
Physiotherapist since 2020

Anker 1
Anker 2


Our cozy oasis of calm and peace is located right in the heart of Friedrichshain, easily accessible with public transport via S/U Bahn.


Gubener Straße 44

10243 Berlin

My picture gallery will be launched soon. Please be patient ;) 

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